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The new food production centre is located in the comune of Casalecchio di Reno and provides meals to local schools and to the elderly and other social organizations.

The single storey building has a rectangular form with technical services such as central heating and cooling plant  located in a separate volume on the roof.

The load bearing structure and the exterior walls are in prefabbricated concrete.

The layout is divided in four principal zones:

-first zone: entrance area subdivided in offices, staff entrance, changing rooms, storage unloading area, staff refectory, clean and waste storage areas.

-second zone: food cold rooms, with direct access from the first zone. Food preparation areas.

-third zone: kitchen, comprising main cooking area and separate special diets area.

-fourth zone: packaging, divided in cold and hot meals, dispatch area and washing-up area for utensils, trays and trolleys.

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