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The new library groups together the existing libraries of different departments (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematical Science, Pharmacy, Biology, Animal Biologia) and provides activities serving students and communication. The building can be divided into three subsystems:

-the library itself;

-the multifunctional structure at the service of the students, reading room, meeting rooms, thesis writing rooms, activities organized and/or self managed for the verification of learning, self managed activities aimed at the organization of cultural events and socialization;

-the seminar room.

The building has a compact form and a northern semicircular terminus.

The gross floor area is approx. 3500sq.m distributed on two principal levels. The first floor forms a ring overlooking the ground floor creating a central double height volume with sky lighting providing natural diffused daylight. 

The shelving is arranged in spokes perpendicular to the external walls in order to maximise the  penetration of light. The study areas are arranged around the perimeter of the library.

The buiding has been designed according to the concept of flexibility, in order to allow possible reconversion and future variation in distribution. 

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