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The new church buildings are inserted into an existing complex formed by a small antique church building, and an infants school recently enlarged and completed. Some minor existing buildings have been demolished to make way for the new church. The new works consist of the main church itself plus a separate  multi- purpose hall, the redistribution of access routes to the area, a parking area and pedestrian piazza providing access to all the surrounding church buidings old and new.

The new complex being part of an historic environment has been designed to be recognizable as a new religious centre without entering into competion wtih the existing church.

The main church hall has a square plan with access on the diagonal which from the entrance hall leads to the presbytery contained by a semicircular apse.

The laminated wood roof rises towards the altar where it is perforated by a transparent cylinder providing controlled lighting at its summit.

The church hall and multi- purpose building are laid out around a new courtyard, in the centre of which is an ancient walnut tree, and are linked by a glazed passage containing technical areas kitchen and other ancillary spaces designed to serve internal and external events. This passage also provides linkage with the existing church and is aligned with the existing church bell tower.

The multi-purpose hall is built on three levels connected by a lift and staircase. The semi-basement is divided into storage, toilets, and changing rooms serving  the outside sports play area and the multi-purpose hall on the ground floor which is designed to accomodate 180 people and contains a stage and first floor gallery. The hall can be adapted for various functions such as theatrical events, conferences, exhibitions, parties, etc. Part of the first floor is reserved for an apartment for the parson.


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