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The initial construction of the parish church of Tolè occured in the XVI century. Later enlargements and restaurations were undertaken in 1864 and 1868. The church was rebuilt after the second world war having received extensive damage due to the bombardment of april 1945.

In June 2014 the restauration works were completed and included:

-the foundations of the church have been consolidated in order to impede the settlement of ground levels which threatened the vertical walls;

-the four fronts of the bell tower and the southern front of the church faced in stone have been sand-blasted in order to remove dirt and have been consolidated (by the use of silicates), to improve the cohesion between the mineral components of the stone;

-the plastered lateral facades of the church have been restaured by using new lime based plaster and paints  similar to those originally used;

-the church roof has been partially conserved and consolidated and in part substituted; the wooden trusses have been substituted with new ones;

-In the interior of the church the marble floor of the central nave has been refaced, differences in floor levels between the central nave and side chapels have been eliminated, the vertical walls have been consolidated, lime based plaster and paints with a natural base have been used, new insulated steel windows have been installed.

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