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Following the seismic events of the 20th and 29th of May 2012, the damage suffered by the Crevalcore Town Hall affected three structural types:

1 - The loadbearing walls, which present lesions concentrated mainly around the door and window lintels, in particular in the zones to the north of the building and above the porticoed areas;

2 - The wood floors, which suffered modest damage, excluding the collapse of some beams in the attic floor;

3 - The non load bearing dividing walls, which suffered various lesions; in particular in the attic floor where one wall was heavily deformed and partially collapsed.

The project for the post earthquake safety measures had the following objectives:

- to impede the overturning of the facades onto the adjacent roads and therefore allow the reaperture of the routes into the historic centre;

- to achieve reversible measures which conserve the nature and form of the building, as well as particular details;

- to achieve measures with minimum costs.

The following measures were actually employed:

- shoring up of the portico, with encircling of the columns, executed with a wooden structure with steel connections;

- the realization of a wooden framework on the via Matteotti facade and partially on the via Roma, made up of vertical uprights and horizontal beams, anchored by means of tie-rods on the inside of the building in corrispondence with the loadbearing walls orthogonal to the facades;

- internal shoring, in wood or metal, to the damaged or unsafe walls.

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