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The church of Santa Maria Assunta located in Borgo Panigale, Bologna which has been declared of cultural interest by a regional decree of 21/04/2006, comprises various building types, some dating from 1600 along with other later structures all coexisting within a protected area. 

The building we are focusing on dates from the mid 1800's, and has undergone many modifications over the years, particularly after the second world war. It has a rectangular plan containing a ground floor  used as changing rooms for the local football team and a first floor which has an appartment at present disused.

The project aims at structural consolidation, seismic improvement and restauration of the building, whilst conserving wherever possible the original or valuable architectural elements.

One of the aspects that has conditioned the project has been the request by the client to eliminate architectural barriers for the disabled. In order to accomplish this, a lift has to be inserted in the staircase block.

Regarding the elevations, the postwar modifications have been eliminated, restoring the original aspect of the building wherever possible whilst ensuring the necessary levels of natural lighting and ventilation to the internal spaces.

Internally the structural scheme of load bearing walls that divide the staircase from the surrounding spaces has been maintained, but the internal layout has been modified for functional reasons.

The perimeter walls have been lined with a layer of insulation and an internal 8cm thick wall to improve energy performance; the perimeter walls around the first floor have been thickened for structural reasons.

Regarding the internal layout, on the ground floor two multi purpose halls have been located with necessary services, whilst on the first floor the residential function has been maintained with a modified layout.

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